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arrows  D  example how to use cursor keys in ksh scripts
backup  D  backup (remote) system on local tape
bahn  D  list time the next train is leaving
busy  D  show progress indicators
bytes  D  print bytes used for specified files
bytes  D  print total byte sizes for given files
checkdns  D  check if DNS is still running on server
checkps  D  check for old processes, notify user by mail
checksccs  D  check consistency of SCCS files
chtext  D  change text within multiple files
dailynews  D  get daily news messages
dtox  D  DOS to UNIX text file conversion
envedit  D  edit environment variable
evalvar  D  evaluate variable (environment variables, command substitution)
extracturl  D  extract URLs from HTML files
filtnum  D  filter number from text line
findhomepage  D  check all URLs returned by "guesshomepage"
findpkg  D  find software package starting with a directory
firstgrep  D  find first pattern in file, then quit
fmtlinks  D  create HTML links
ge  D  translate english words into german
guesshomepage  D  guess home page given e-mail address
head.sh  D  replacement for the "head" command
htmlpiclist  D  generate a HTML list of pictures
htmlquote  D  convert HTML characters to entity references
httpd.ksh  D  minimal HTTP-Server
jdk  D  start Java Development Kit
jobmon  D  example of "load balancing": keep fixed number of concurrent
junkmail  D  reply to junkmail
mailgrep  D  search mail folder, print mail text
mailme  D  write mail to myself
mkcategtab  D  make HTML table from command list, grouped by categories
mklock  D  aquire/release advisory lock
mkscripttab  D  make HTML table from command list
mkurl  D  convert text containing URLs to HTML
mkvideothumb  D  create animated GIF as a preview for a video
newsstat  D  create news statistics
newsweekly  D  top news subjects
nquote  D  quote files
periodic  D  periodically execute command each fife seconds
playrand  D  play random file
popc.ksh  D  example of an POP3 e-mail client
printentry  D  print entry from text "database"
randfile  D  print random file name
repeat  D  repeat a string a specified number of times
resize  D  let the user enter the number of lines for the screen
reverse  D  reverse lines
rgrep  D  recursive "grep"
rmemptydir  D  remove empty directories
runjava  D  start the java interpreter with a class name
save  D  create a backup of a file
scriptpath  D  determine own absolute path name
showvideoduration  D  print video duration to standard output
startapplet  D  starts "appletviewer" with Java applet
stripheader  D  strip mail header
synonym  D  show synonyms for words
tblrename  D  use a "trans.tbl" file to rename files
topics  D  list news topics
translate  D  translate words between German and English
vgrep  D  start "vi" with files containing search pattern
wipefile  D  completely overwrite a file
xtod  D  UNIX to DOS text file conversion

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