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Shell Tip: How to read a file line-by-line
Shell Tip: Print a line from a file given its line number
Shell Tip: How to convert upper-case file names to lower-case
Shell Tip: Speeding up scripts using "xargs"
Shell Tip: How to avoid "Argument list too long" errors
Shell Tip: Returning more than one value from a function (or AWK)
Shell Script: "tarmail" - send "tar" archive by e-mail
Shell Tip: Print lines of a file in reverse (or random) order
Shell Tip: advisory locking for shell scripts
What's new at the SHELLdorado?
Shell Tip: KornShell built-in string manipulation functions
Shell Tip: Calculating with large numbers using "bc"
Shell Tip: Better (and larger) random numbers with /dev/urandom
Shell Tip: Automated remote command execution using TELNET
What's new at the SHELLdorado?
Shell Tip: Shorter if..then..else
Shell Tip: Setting PATH and MANPATH variable
Shell Tip: Print each line exactly once
How to use the undocumented "alarm" function (ksh93)
How to use associative arrays
How to get string lengths and sub-strings
How to create easy counting loops with the new "for" syntax
How to access variables by name using "typeset -n"
How to use the built-in printf command
Q&A: Where can I find more articles about ksh93?
Q&A: How can I write my own POP3 e-mail client using ksh?
Q&A: How can I write CGI programs using shell scripts?
Q&A: How can I encode/decode URL data?
Q&A: Are there further CGI resources at the SHELLdorado?
Amendments: Arrays for Bourne shell
What's new at the SHELLdorado?
Shell Tip: Arrays for Bourne shell
Shell Tip: Differentiate between empty and unset variables
Shell Tip: Log out idle users
Shell Tip: extend PATH variable in .profile
Q&A: How can I find the home page of a user?
What's new at the SHELLdorado?
Shell Tip: Progress indicator
Shell Tip: Use function "echon()" to echo without newline
Shell Tip: Use function "ask()" for yes/no questions
Q&A: How can I search for text in all subdirectories?
Q&A: How can I use arguments with KornShell aliases?
Programmer's Playground: KornShell FTP Library
What's new at the SHELLdorado?
Shell Tip: Easy interactive menus with "select"
Shell Tip: How to execute a command in all subdirectories
Shell Tip: How to set a "timeout" for commands
What's new at the SHELLdorado?
Shell Tip: Useful print-text-and-read-line feature (ksh)
Shell Tip: Include current date in file name
Shell Tip: News headlines from the web
Q&A: How to use "sed" to insert/replace strings
What's new at the SHELLdorado?
Shell Tip: Korn shell build-in networking functions
Shell Tip: How to execute a script for each logout
Q&A: How to write a HTTP server using shell scripts
What's new at SHELLdorado?
Shell Tip: Positioning the cursor from within shell scripts
Shell Tip: How to set the title of a XTERM window
Q&A: How can I write a shell by myself?
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